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Comprehensive Solutions Provider – Quest

With a focus on hyper-enhanced Active Directory operations, Quest leverages a unique identity-centric approach to delivering on Zero Trust initiatives. Quest also develops leading-edge software solutions in Microsoft consolidations, database management, enterprise modelling, and data intelligence.

Amidas highly recommends Quest‘s software solution for your enterprise, introducing three key solutions below.


AD Resilience Solution

With 95 million attempted AD attacks every day, it should be no surprise to hear AD was the target of another cybercrime. Quest’s experts can structure a recommended course of action for AD resilience that enables your board of directors to appropriately factor these risks into your organization’s overall business risk buy-down strategy.


  • Enables risk buy-down
  • Reduces risk of downtime
  • Reduces risk of cyber breach
  • Demonstrates compliance

SaaS Management

Quest provides SaaS Management solution for Office 365 users for simplifying process of avoiding security risks, coexistence challenges and the pitfalls of compliance.

With these three advantages,

  • Move Faster
  • Tighten Security
  • Stay in Control

You can select the products, including Migration, Recovery, Security, Reporting and Administration on demand that fulfill your enquiries.

syslog-ng Log Management

Collect log data and centralize data from thousands of devices. You can have complete visibility into user activity, network and device performance metrics, Windows -event logs and other data with the syslog-ng Store Box™ (SSB) log management appliance. It is a high-performance, high-reliability log management solution that can collect more than a half a million log messages per second for thousands of sources. With its ability to filter, parse and categorize log data, it can help to control storage costs, reduce data complexity, and accelerate analytics. 

Data Protection

Whether it’s simple or complex architecture, whether it’s on-prem, on cloud, or hybrid, Quest offers solutions to help you simplify data protection processes, ensure fast recovery from outage or data loss, and minimize disruption to business. With the addition of Qorestor the secondary deduplication software, you can save storage space up to 20:1 and reduce storage cost.

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